Testing Center

The detection means is complete and can undertake all tests and inspections about indicators and operational performance in the S-camshafts’ hot and cold processing.
The company’s inspection station is responsible for the testing of forging stock, fine semi-finished products and purchased parts.
The finished product inspection station is responsible for inspecting products before shipping to customers. To improve the test’s efficiency, the company has built a production line that will identify the assembly works for testing finished goods.

The company’s central lab is responsible for raw material and internal quality inspections. The inspection equipment in the lab are advanced includes the spectrometer produced by SHIMADZU, imported high-precision metallographic microscopes, imported high resolution sorter alloy elements, etc. The department of burn test production line and cleanliness testing help inspections such as burn test, cleanliness inspections, chemical composition tests, spectral analysis, macrostructure inspection for raw materials, raw materials high inspection organization, the inner microstructure test, surface hardness test and so on.

Company is equipped with precision measure room, with the German Coordinate measuring machine, the surface roughness measuring machine, and imaging measuring instrument. According to DIN standard and ISO standard to test the all products accuracy, can be cylindricity, roundness, roughness, degree of profile, location, length, all position tolerances for testing..