Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

GCMZ always regards highly of customers and their needs.

Quality Target

Established and maintained the quality management system of IATF 16949, and insist to improve
Try best to achieve truly non-defective product
Customer satisfaction over 99%

The tool and document of quality management

Five toolkits of quality management: MSA, SPC, PPAP, QPQP, FMEA
+ IATF 16949:2017

Process Control

The production process in control by TPS.
There are cutting tool counter and tool management platform in the production line which is easy for tool management.
The installing of waste containers, residual set tables and inspection makes the controlling of products much easy.
controlling the material flow through the setting of trolleys, slides and racks.
Calling system improves the speed of the whole scene information communication.

  • Residual table
  • Test area

Education desks and limited sample units is used for cases of regular instructions, and for sticking quality alert cards to warn employees.
Recording and showing the entire activities through the production management board. The QCC performance planarity aims at realizing the time management and daily monitoring.
For effective control in the production line, operators also carries out the production management sheet, check records before working, quality graph and so on.
To meet the demand of visualization process quality, digital quality, professional and scientific management, and the self-management level, the production line brought in the system. This makes the digital process authentic and convenient.

  • Tool Storage Racks
  • Improvements on

The staff members help eliminate any unnecessary process inspections by fully participating in the self-management and supervision at certain levels of processes. This means that the entire staff share responsibilities with the production line leader, manufacturing unit leader and factory directors to maintain quality control. Meanwhile, the factory quality department focuses on the engineering and design aspects of products whenever a quality issue is present. Additional duties include reviewing designs at the early stage of development, communicating directly with the customers and cooperating to create a solution. The main work of quality management department is analyzing and improving the quality through the production. Every year, the monthly quality activities are organized for an all staff participation, promoting the idea that every personnel creates value.

Products include batch traceability with computer barcode scanning. The product’s quality issue can be traced back to the exact process.

The adoption of ERP management system for all materials management, production planning and IT management creates online monitoring of all production processes and material balance.

  • Inspection station
  • Non-conforming Products Station